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Abel Tasman was the seventeenth-century Dutch explorer who was the first to chart much of the Australian and New Zealand coasts. The wee island of Tasmania bears his name.

Seattle-based Abel Tasman Tours has been honored to have been helping create memorable vacations Down Under since 1989. A leader in our niche, we focus solely on the South Pacific and are able to offer a depth of knowledge that can't easily be found. Our team is comprised of highly experienced travel planners, and each member has a passion about our very special destinations.

We are fully ARC (Airline Reporting Commission) accredited, are a licensed Seller of Travel in Washington State (#601279492), and are very proud to be a Preferred Qantas Partner.  Abel Tasman Tours has the experience it takes to give you all the confidence you need when choosing a travel company.

The Team...

Its good to put a face to a voice over the phone, so please meet the people you're likely to talk to when you call:

Kim Faucette, Reservations
Kim’s family moved to Washington when she was a toddler, and Kim grew up in Bellevue when real estate prices weren’t among the most expensive in the US. A UW graduate (go Huskies!), a skier and snowboarder, a lover of the outdoors and camping, and a connoisseur of complicated coffees (she even stipulates the temperature, for heaven’s sake), Kim is a true Seattleite.

A long-time Abel Tasman team member and South Pacific fan, Kim has an excellent memory for detail, and innate sense of what people really want, aid her in selecting the best accommodation and touring options for our clients. The best ‘perk’ of Kim’s difficult role is that she gets to go to our various destinations many times to check that what we’re offering to our clients is of consistent high standard. Sometimes Kim travels with her husband Chris, her daughter Lauren, sometimes on her own, and sometimes with other Abel Tasmanians. All Kim will say about the latter is: what happens in Fiji stays in Fiji.


Melodie Webster, Reservations
Melodie, a born caregiver, is known in our office as the Squirrel Lady. Fond of all animals, Melodie reserves a special place in her heart for the furry chaps who peek in our windows, feigning life-threatening hunger, and begging for peanuts.
Born in Portland, Oregon, Melodie is an avid sports fan but easily shifted her alliance to the Huskies and the Seahawks when she returned from Tahoe to the Northwest to be nearer her family. Melodie couldn’t be without mountains and the proximity to the outdoors, so chose Seattle, and her Abel Tasman colleagues are so glad she did. The fact that her cousin plays for the  University of Washington football team as an offensive lineman and that Melodie  is a long time Seahawks season ticket holder, means the whole office receives regular updates during the football months. 

Melodie’s vast knowledge about our destinations has been gleaned by repeated trips and wide research.  Her list of ‘must visits’ is being systematically shortened.   Next stop? Some of the lesser-traveled regions of New Zealand.

And, yes, we’ll remember to feed her squirrels while she’s away.


Karla Ostlund, Ticketing & Documents
Every office needs a Karla, someone who just gets the job – any job – done with no fuss.  It came as no surprise to us that, on a recent trip to New Zealand, when an airport closure threatened to disrupt her itinerary, Karla promptly hired a car and drove on the ‘wrong’ side of icy and unfamiliar roads for 7 hours. Mission accomplished, that’s our Karla.

Born in Miami, Florida Karla grew up dreaming about being a flight attendent. Eventually, after detouring to study accounting in college, Karla did gravitate toward the travel industry, and we’re so glad she did.

Karla has been married for 19 years to Patrick, and they have two beautiful and athletic daughters, Sara and Emma. Eight trips down under have merely whetted their appetites and their next goal is to do more trekking in New Zealand’s alpine South Island.  Karla has a soft spot for the stunning desert-meets-sea landscapes of Western Australia. Boundlessly energetic herself, Karla advises travelers to take their time and not to try to do it all in one trip.







Kim, Ayers Rock







Melodie and Erik, Seattle


Karla, Kangaroo Island